Italian Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

Chiara & Mattia

fotografo di matrimonio arezzo siena firenze




CERIMONY: Cathedral of Massa Marittima


Mattia e Chiara came to my shop one morning last february. They were very excited and smiling and asked for my availability for their wedding on 11th June 2016. I checked my agenda hoping to be free for that day, they looked so happy and I didn’t want to let them down. She’s from Massa, he’s from Sant’Arcangelo sul Trasimeno, and they met in Grosseto, working at the Corriere di Maremma. Then they moved to Arezzo where they have lived for a few years now.

But they still keep “Maremma” in their hearts and souls. This is why they had no doubts of where to celebrate their wedding: for the ceremony they wanted the magnificent San Cerbone Cathedral in Massa Marittima, Chiara’s church, and for the wedding party the fascinating location of Cala Felice in Scarlino, chosen by Mattia. “If I can convince half of Perugia and half of Arezzo to move for our wedding, then I want to toast and dine by the sea”, he said.

It is true that a good photographer must be able to capture beauty everywhere, but two such locations which evoke memories and infinity really help. The same as two spouses in love who know how to enjoy their most beautiful day.

Everything went smoothly with Chiara e Mattia, thanks to the sweetness of their glances and the tenderness in their gestures.

They organized their wedding from 150 m away, without any anxiety or worries. Two hundred guests came to celebrate and be part of their wonderful day.

I got emotional during their exchange of vows, I enjoyed playing with them along the streets of Massa Marittima, and I relaxed watching them with the sunset on the sea as a background.

I’ve been very happy to be their photographer and to have been the one to capture the joy of those moments.

And for me the most precious present has been watching them getting emotional and laughing looking through the photo album I had prepared for them.



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